Decoration made in Haute Savoie

For the furnishings and decoration of the rooms, we have chosen Angel des Montagnes who share our ecological values. Based in Thonon-les-Bains, which facilitates the short circuit, their production is 100% French and artisanal. They also work with natural and noble materials. You will also find some unique pieces found by Olivia, the owner.

Eco-responsible work

All the work companies we use are located within 20 kilometres of the hotel in order to limit the carbon impact. The building is insulated with cellulose wadding, and the rooms are painted organically. We also recently had the swimming pool built, heated by solar panels.

IUME scents

In your room you will find a "spruce glow" perfume diffuser, both a decorative product and a home fragrance. Indeed, we have chosen to work with Iumé to offer you a unique scent diffuser combining a raw and 100% natural mineral support (Selenite, Fushite, Aventurine and Himalayan salt) on which we place during your stay a few drops of this 100% natural plant scent. The manufacturing is of course handmade and made in Haute Savoie.

Home care

The cleaning of the house and your rooms is done with Ecocert and organic products from the Ceetal laboratory located in the Rhône-Alpes region.

Laundry care

In order to reduce our consumption of plastic waste and wastewater, we have chosen to clean terry cloth with ceramic beads formulated with earth minerals that are non-toxic to humans and the environment. The beads disinfect, remove dirt and protect fabrics from oxidation. This system leaves the laundry clean, disinfected and free of chemicals.

Our soaps

As you will surely have understood, we like to defend quality and local craftsmanship but also to defend products that respect our planet and our health. Therefore, we have chosen to put in your bathrooms the products of Maana, an artisanal soap factory located in Haute Savoie. The shower gel/shampoo with verbena and the solid soap available in your bathroom are made of 100% natural, ecological and biodegradable products. The soaps are cold saponified, handmade with natural materials and packaged in 100% biodegradable baking paper. The solid soap is offered to you so to keep a souvenir of this moment, think of taking it with you. You reduce waste and do a good thing for the planet.

Vos éco-gestes

Nous avons mis en place dans votre chambre une poubelle de tri nous permettant de mieux recycler les déchets. Merci de bien vouloir nous aider dans cette démarche.

Mettez dans votre baignoire les serviettes de bain que vous souhaitez remplacer. Les autres seront conservées et remises en place.

Utiliser aux toilettes le bouton adapté à la chasse nécessaire.

Pensez à éteindre les luminaires et la télévision lorsque vous quittez votre chambre.

Éteignez le chauffage lorsque vous ouvrez vos fenêtres.