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Gourmet Offer
150 €
/ 2 people

✓  Aperitifs

  2 "Promenade" Menus

  Hot drinks

Gourmet Offer
250 €
/ 2 people

  2 "Dégustation" Menus

2 Food and wine pairing

  Digestives & Hot drinks

Romantic Getaway Offer
750 €
/ 2 people

✓  1 Night in our "Remise"

Bottle of champagne

  2 "Dégustation" Menus

2 Food & wine pairings

Breakfasts in your room

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In the event of non-use or loss of the Gift Voucher, the beneficiary may not claim either a refund or compensation of any kind whatsoever. Gift vouchers benefit from the establishment’s general sales and cancellation conditions.