made simple

This meal is all the sensitivity of Florian and Lauriane and they will share that with you. You will experience the representation of these walks, early in the morning, in this awakening nature. Throughout the moment you will taste their inspiration for this Savoyard terroir. And above all, you will get to know those who leave a lasting impression, telling you about an anecdote with the scent of spruce and genepi. During this journey, let yourself be guided through this alpine landscape they love so much.

Menu - 55 €

Promenade au marché

Menu - 75 €

Promenade à la ferme

Menu - 95 €

Promenade au Mont Joly

Menu - 55 €, 75 €, 95 €

Vegetable menu

All menus are available in vegetable versions with a reservation 48h in advance

The wine

From the slopes of Cevins to Bugey, from the delicious Highness to the forgotten Persian , discover the diversity and richness of the Savoyard vineyard . At the Ferme de Cupelin, what we also want is to make you travel to our Swiss and Italian neighbors , bring in the sun via Corsica ,... In other words, share with you the well-kept bottles that Lauriane and her team have been able to find over the years. Some 300 references from here and there, finds that we will consider wonderful, the work of young passionate winegrowers, less young winegrowers who are sometimes enlightened...


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